How to Get Free Make-up Samples

Ok! So you are in to make up but just don’t know what, or if you should buy a product.

Free makeup samples are given all the time. The question is; where do you get the samples from in order to make a purchase decision? Quality makeup by far is not cheap. You want to look for makeup products that will not only enhance your beauty but at the same time help rejuvenate the skin. This particular need calls for free makeup samples.

Where can I get free samples?

Have you ever been to the mall, walked and bam, there was- a makeup stand waiting just for you? If you haven’t noticed these make up booths are a good place to start. The makeup beauty experts normally offer you to sit in on a free make up sample of products to get you to buy. Retail stores like Macy, Sears, Bloomingdale and many more are like a walk in the park. You can go to women apparels and began stages of shopping by looking at products, and once you see something you like, ask if they are giving free makeup samples.

Makeup Shows

Look into events that are held in your local area such as hair shows, and makeup shows.

This is one of the best places to be at the right time. During these types of show’s there is an artist there that are willing to help promote products for companies. A lot of these companies sponsor the artist events. So in return to help promote, free makeup products are given out to people like you and me all the time.

Beauty Stores

Have you ever been in a beauty store to shop for let’s say a wig, hair products, accessories, and even makeup? A lot, of the time during check out beauty supply shops gives a free hair sample of products and in some cases free makeup samples.


Yes, one of the world’s largest retail stores has a free makeup samples program you can sign for. Their process is a little different you will have to register in order to receive free makeup samples. One key fact is you need to live in the United States in order to apply for products. During your next visit to Wal-Mart, please go to customer service -before you know it your mail box will be filled with products from all over.

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