How to Get Your Clients to Perceive You

In coaching, as in any other client- oriented business, the connection with your clients is essential. The way you communicate with them and the relationship you form with them from the start are essential to develop a flourishing business rather than just becoming a shoulder for them to cry on.

The way you present yourself to your clients will influence the way they perceive you. For example, using coaching terms when speaking to potential clients will only make the process more difficult as you will come across as abstract, unclear and will be less understood. As a result, your value will be less perceived. Do not forget, if you want to create a connection with your clients, the first thing to do is to speak their language so they understand you.

People buy solutions to their specific problems and are always ready to buy “the thing” that helps them solve these problems. Always remember this; when all is said and done, people want results.

Depending on how you approach your clients, and how you present yourself and your coaching, there are at least 2 different ways in which they will perceive you:

1. The Confidante

People come to you for advice, for guidance, they share their fears, worries and goals with you. They know you will listen to them and that’s why they come to you, not because you’re an excellent coach.

You may think that as long as you help people, you don’t need to be paid for it. You like what you do, but you shouldn’t feel guilty if you get paid for it. If you have a business to run, how can you even get by from day to day (not to mention grow) if you only give free advice? They can get free advice from a friend or a family member.

If you only become their confidante, the results for your clients will be poor or even nonexistent and you will end up doubting your own skills. Most importantly, people will eventually not want to waste their time on you. They will go to an expert to get help and they are willing to pay for that.

2. The Expert

This is what you must become in order to get more clients and significantly increase your revenue. If a potential client wants help to solve a specific problem, they will contact the professional who is an expert in this particular problem. And you must become that expert.

If you really want to stand out from other coaches, be seen amongst all other professionals on the market and be hired by clients, you have to distinguish yourself by your value and the results you can provide to a target clientele. This will place you in the position of an expert.

Your clients must see you as the solution to their problem. They need to know you, appreciate and trust you. They especially need to believe that you are the right person to help them.

Train yourself to explain exactly what you do, what problem you solve and who you help, as confidently as possible. Your potential clients will not hire you if you’re not confident in the value of your solutions. Becoming a specialist, speaking about your expertise with confidence and authority will give your potential clients all the reasons they need to hire you.

Now that you’ve decided how you want to present yourself to your clients, go to my website, and find more useful tips on how to become an expert in your area.

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