How to Know when a Collection is Becoming a Hoard

There is a big difference between a collection and a hoard, but when a person is a hoarder they are often in denial. Even when they are aware of the problem they usually do not want to correct it. When personally wondering if a collection is becoming a hoard, chances are it is simply a large assortment of collectibles. However, it might require careful consideration and self-control to avoid something that looks more like a hodgepodge and a mess than an impressive display. Keep in mind that large quantities are not always better than smaller amounts. Choose items carefully and wisely, and use the following information to know when a collection is becoming a hoard. Less is more when displaying collectibles of any kind, and it can look more impressive than ever with fewer items in the display.

A Collection Could Be a Hoard When Quality No Longer Matters

When wondering if a collection is becoming a hoard, ask yourself if it still matters. When collectibles in great numbers no longer seem to matter, it might be a hoard. However, when items are really a stockpile, the accumulator will not want to get rid of any of it. They will collect absolutely anything related to that theme, even items that others would consider trash. It might be something plastic and cheap, but because it falls under the same subject and theme of the collection, the hoarder must have it. The collectibles end up becoming more like a heap, especially when they are not properly cared for.

Have you Stopped Caring About the Display?

If a large collection is becoming a hoard, dust and dirt might no longer matter. This is become it is too overwhelming to care for. This is also a big red flag. When collectibles are becoming a hoard, it is time to scale back, especially when it is far too much to handle. Cheaper items displayed side-by-side with valuable pieces that will bring down the look of those higher quality collectibles. Keep the best and get rid of the rest when trying to resolve the problem.

It is No Longer Something You Want to Showoff

If trying to decide if a collection is becoming a hoard, consider whether or not they are still something worth showing to friends and relatives. If it is a source of embarrassment, it is time to clean house. Someone proud of their collection will want to show it off, but if it is a hoard they will not care, or they will take measures to hide it.

Are You Running Out of Space?

One of the most obvious ways to tell if a collection is becoming a hoard is the amount of space it requires. When running out of space and not caring how it looks, the collection is definitely becoming a hoard. As previously mentioned, sort out the lower quality items, and keep the very best. This will allow room for more high-quality pieces that can be added to the collection. It should be a source of enjoyment, and not a source of embarrassment or displeasure on any level. If necessary, seek professional help to gain back control.

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