How to Make Designs on Jeans with Bleach

Stonewashed jeans and other worn looks are stylish and unique. Each pair is different from the next, especially if they include handmade designs. They can be embellished in a number of ways, and bleach is one of the easiest methods. It is not the liquid variety, and it will not cause a huge mess. Even children can try this with adult supervision. Read on to find out how to make designs on jeans with bleach, and create unique new duds without spending a fortune on designer labels.

Necessary Supplies to Make Designs with Bleach

To make designs on jeans with bleach you will need a bleach pen like those sold especially for stain removal on colorfast clothes. You will also need a stencil unless trying freehand designs. A scrap piece of jean material can be very helpful. This will enable you to practice your talents without ruining a good pair of jeans in the process. Also necessary is something hard, flat, smooth and thin that can be placed beneath the layer of fabric. This will prevent the bleach from bleeding through and ruining the jeans on the other side. A small cutting board or an old hardback book covered in plastic will work.

Procedure for Decorating the Jeans

Begin by practicing with the bleach pen on scrap jeans. Simply press down and use the bleach pen as you would use a paint marker. The only difference is the color. Instead of pigment coming out, a bleaching agent will remove the color from the jeans. After perfecting your designs, use the bleach pen to create the designs on jeans. It might be necessary to go over the lines a few times to achieve the desired level of bleaching.

Optional Additions for Designs

The finished bleach designs on jeans can be enhanced and embellished in unique and creative new ways. Add small faux jewels. Glue them in place with super-strong waterproof adhesive. Small rhinestones can be added as well. The bleach designs can also be detailed with fine-tip permanent markers. The choice is yours. Practice some or all of these ideas on scrap jeans before trying it on your favorite pair. They will turn out looking unique, eye-catching and simply amazing. Your designs are one-of-a-kind, and no one else will have them.

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