How to Make Home Made Christmas Tree Ornaments

Instead of spending a fortune buying Christmas ornaments this year, why not do things the old fashioned way and make them? You can get the entire family involved in making colored glass ornaments that can be kept for generations and will end up costing about $20 at the most. Follow these directions and make these enchanting ornaments that are easy, fun and do not make a mess.

What you need:

Glass ornaments (these are sold at places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s Craft Store. Get as many boxes as you think you will need Acrylic paints in various colors White vinegar Glitter Paper or Styrofoam cups Hooks

Getting started:

1. Take the cap off of one of the glass ornaments and squeeze some of the acrylic paints into the opening, swirling it around a bit. Add another color and then a third, if you so choose. Swirl them around a bit.

2. Add a few drops of white vinegar. This will allow the colors to spread evenly and cover the inside of the glass. Again, you want to swirl it around. This is not difficult and even a child can manage this under proper supervision.

3. Add glitter if desired. Use loose glitter and not glue glitter for this project. And once again, swirl it around in the glass.

4. Invert the ornament onto a paper or Styrofoam cup so that all of the excess liquid comes out. Leave them alone for 24 hours before removing them, tossing the cups and then replacing the cap onto the ornament.

5. Put a hook into the top of the ornament as you would any other Christmas tree decoration and hang on the tree. You can also use ribbon if you want to add even more color. That is all there is to it – you are ready to hang the ornament on the tree!

These ornaments will last as long as any other glass ornaments but will be something that you can remember and continue to use long after the kids have grown up and left home. In addition to making these fun Christmas tree ornaments, you can also use some traditional decorations for the tree such as strings of cranberries or popcorn (easily strung with a needle and thread) and even paper chains that the kids can make. You do not have to spend a lot of money decorating a Christmas tree this year – and the result will be an attractive tree that has that down home appeal of yesteryear. Do not forget to hang candy canes on the branches to complete the look!

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