Hybrid Dogs and Mixed Breed “mutt” Dogs Defined

To discuss the hybrid one must know the definition of the word hybrid. A hybrid is the cross between two species. In the dog world that means the offspring of two different breeds such as the poodle and the terrier.

The definition of the mixed breed or “mutt” describes a dog which has many breeds in its ancestry . So many breeds can be interbred that it is not possible to determine the breed. These dogs are also known as “mongrels” or “mutts.”

There is on occasion a mixed breed dog who will behave and perform better than the average pure breed. Though with hybrids one can combine the characteristics of two pure breeds and come up with a better dog than a pure bred. However, the mixed breed will often have numerous characteristics within its personality. Some characteristics are undesirable and when they surface the dog may be a problem dog.

I have owned several mixed breed dogs and found them to be very good companions. I have also owned several hybrids who have been top notch. Though I am comparing hybrids to mixed breeds I must say that I have owned some purebreds that have been very poor companions.

The term “hybrid dog” is being replaced by the term “designer dog” which has a better sound and greater acceptance in high society. Designer dogs are given combined names such as “labradoodle” for classification purposes. There now exists associations and clubs for these hybrid dogs. There is the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Australian Labradoodle Association of America, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club and the Designer Breed Registry as well as the International Designer Canine Registry.

Hybrid breeds such as the Chipoo, Labradoodle, Native American Shepherd, and the Puggle can be found in the Designer Breed Registry where the mixed breeds are not included. A more complete list of Hybrid breeds can be found with the “American Canine Hybrid Club”. There you can find such hybrids as the “Alusky” which is a cross between the Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky. Their list of hybrids is very comprehensiveThe American Kennel Club now allows “mixed breeds” to be included in their competitions. These competitions are classified as being “mixed breed” and are separate from their longstanding pure breed competitions. Though their mixed breed contests are mostly for hybrids I could not find any ruling against the true mixed breed.

Mixed breeds and hybrids can both be found in Hollywood in popular roles. The dog Benji was really an actor by the name of Higgins. He was a mixed breed who prior to his acting years had been found in a shelter. He starred in several films and died famous in 1975. Another famous acting dog is Spike. He is known for his role in “Old Yeller.” Because his ancestry is unknown he is considered to be a mixed breed.

So now that we have considered hybrids and mixed breeds, is there really much difference? Not really. They are all capable of being trained and participating in important roles in society. They both make excellent pets, service dogs, and working dogs. Neither is better than the other at showing love and devotion to their owners. Both the hybrid and the mixed dog deserves love and care. Hybrids that are considered to be designer breeds have become very popular and can have a high price. Some can cost more than the purebred. That is why they have become targets of theft.

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