I Heart the 70’s GTLs!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but all of the retailers have a very specific look going for the fall. It kind of reminds me of the 70’s and it is fun fashion! The 70’s were when you started to see the bell bottom suits and the mix and match knitwear. Oh, and then there was disco! What you see now, which is pulled from that era of fashion, is a reintroduction of the bell bottom pant and the ribbon blouses. A very loose and relaxed look, but dressed up at the same time. Fur vests and fur jackets can be seen at retailers as an addition to a ribbon blouse and a mini skirt. What I am enjoying are all of the colors that are being shown for fall. There is the maroon and mustard and then there is the “mod” look with the teals, blacks and purples. They are two different spectrums of color, but are bright and exciting. Going into winter, the 60’s looks will take over and there will be more mini skirts and shorter dresses that will allow the customer to wear knit stocking and cute boots. Really go for the bold colors and choose one or two pieces that will make your look “rich” and memorable.

Below are some cool looks for the fall that depict the above fashions.

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