I Saw My Future in Those Hands

Opening the door; I cautiously walked into the room. The first thing that came to ones eye was the bodyguards. Hulking masses, all at least six and a half feet tall. They did not worry me though, I knew that they were just for the ambiance … No, what concerned me now was a beautiful mahogany table at the back of the room. Or rather … the leather chair behind it. Hmmph, leather! Typical. He liked to know that animals had died to provide him comfort. The table, too, was beautiful … lined with marble, with the symbol of the godfather etched out at its front. It was one of a kind. He had its maker … dealt with … to ensure the very thing.

Suddenly, the chair swiveled around, not that his face showed. No, he always shrouded his face in the shadows. A puff of smoke escaped into the light; a sigh escaped those unseen lips. Theatrics! Mind you, it does add to that forbidding, invulnerable aura around him. He always did appreciate the smallest details.

“Vieri, come now … I have heard some news which is … disturbing, to say the least. Seeing as you are who you are, I will give you something not many others get. A warning. It concerns you.” Not completely shocked, I quickly thought of possibilities and only one came to my mind …
He had learned about yesterday ….

Allow me to explain. He united 340 out of 420 of the major Italian corporations under his banner. His empire was huge. Obviously he was unable to go through all the records. In fact, he barely managed 20 to 25 companies a week. Well, there I was, unhappy at my pocket money. A nineteen year old can only do so much with six thousand euros! So I accidentally “slipped” through the office firewall and diverted five percent of 60 companies’ total earnings to my personal account. A neat little sum. The only downside? If caught, I would be killed on charges of treason against him.

You have probably guessed who I’m talking about. No?

The current godfather – or as I know him, dad.

Back to the present; may as well pretend to be innocent. Its always worth a shot. “Do tell father, let me put your suspicions to rest.”

Dad allowed his hands to enter the light. I saw my future in those hands. “I give you greatest of food, finest of wines, best of shelters, and this is how you repay me? You forget to get your old man a birthday present? I am disappointed Vierri.”

A wave of relief passed through me. Lying through my teeth I replied, “Dad you really think I could do such a thing? I got you that Bentley you’ve had your eye on! Bullet-proofing was delayed so you should get it in a week or two!”

“I should never have doubted you my son. Don’t let me detain you.”

Not believing my luck, I started to walk out before suddenly being stopped by dad. “Just a second Vierri!” He moved forward, so that the light caught his face … “Nobody – not even his own son – betrays the godfather. Requescat Un Pace” (rest in peace); two bangs followed … and I embraced the light.

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