Ideas for Furnishing and Decorating an Attic Suite

An attic suite can serve a number of purposes. It makes a great first efficiency apartment for a teen, and it can be used as a home away from home for guests. In any case it can become a useable space that is just as stylish as the rest of the home. Even if walls are sharply angled, decorating and furnishing the space can be a breeze. It is important to create activity zones instead of simply lining the walls with furnishings. Find out how I chose to begin furnishing and decorating a client’s attic suite, and use some or all of my ideas when designing your home.

Decorating Sloped Walls

Sharply angled walls cannot be decorated with the usual wall art, and decorating must involve more than hanging painting and wall sculptures. Save select works of art for vertical surfaces, and use furniture to enhance the room and define the space. Furnishings will serve as the main source of embellishment in an angled attic suite. Choose an equal number of patterned and solid fabrics to keep it from appearing too busy or uninspiring.

When furnishing and decorating my client’s attic suite he chose a beautiful sofa. He selected a foliage pattern in powder blue and olive green. Although these colors do not sound the least bit appealing, the organic combination and flowing design was absolutely gorgeous. Wall art was not necessary when decorating the space since the sofa was the main source of embellishment.

To add more color and appeal to the decorating scheme we added four solid throw pillows in hues that were a few shades darker than those in the sofa. Furnishing the sofa with throw pillows added comfort and visual appeal even though it was already eye-catching and very comfortable. It looked like an ideal place to watch television or kick back and relax with reading material.

Create Activity Zones When Furnishing and Decorating the Space

Furnishing an attic suite is easy when setting up separate zones. Besides including a space for reading, gaming and watching television, it can include a dining area. It all depends on the size of the attic suite and the needs and desires of the user.

My client wanted a small dining table, kitchen storage and a microwave oven as well as a view of the street below. I suggested arranging a dining zone in front of the only window when furnishing the attic suite. The corner was used to hold a freestanding pantry, and off to the right we added a small vintage refrigerator. We used a vintage sewing cabinet that had been converted into a table to hold his microwave oven.

I arranged a sleeping zone in the center of the attic suite in between the seating and dining area. To give this sector of the suite a private and more separated look and feel, I suggested adding a folding screen. It was a work of art in itself. It included the same colors as the sofa as well as deep brown and robin’s egg blue. The results were phenomenal, and my client was thrilled with his newly furnished and beautifully decorated attic suite.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating and Design Experience

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