Ideas for Man Cave Design

A man cave also known as a manspace or mantuary is basically a place where the man of the house has a space that is his domain. It is where he can set up his man cave design the way he wants and can relax with his friends and do the things men like to do without having a women in their midst. A good place for a man cave is generally away from the main living area, this could be the attic where it is renovated into a loft, the basement, the garage or somewhere else where there is a reasonable amount of room and a bit of privacy. Once the location has been decided on it can then be renovated if need be, this can involve a fresh coat of paint in colors that the man of the house likes, he can then decide on what kind of furniture he might like to have in the room.

Generally a man cave design is about relaxation and entertainment, it is a space for him to unwind, a place to go when he needs a bit of time to himself, so essentially the furniture needs to be something that will suit this type of feel. He may like to personalize his space by adding items like a comfortable couch, a TV, a stereo for music, a coffee table, a desk to put a computer on for checking out the latest things of interest. Bookcases for books, magazines and papers may also be another idea, a pool table if the area is big enough and if he likes to have a drink with his friends a bar can be added.

Other ideas that can be incorporated into a man cave are a bar fridge, microwave, barbecue or grill. Floor coverings are another item that needs consideration especially if it is in the basement area and the floor is concrete, tiles or something similar. A rug or even carpet would help to take the coldness out of the floor, adding heating will also keep the area comfortable in the colder months of the year. Pictures, paintings or wall designs are also something that may be added. There are many other things that can be included but this will depend on the individual’s taste, as what suits one person doesn’t always suit another and allowing him to make the decision on what he wants and where, will make it his man cave.

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