I’m Already Dead

Darkness surrounded me, as I ran out of breath.

Don’t stop, he’s behind you, I kept telling myself.

Racing heart beating with nothing but fear.

My own cries and crumbling leaves was all I could hear.

Nothing in sight but death and pain.

Too scared to dare call out my own name.

Can someone please help me, I thought as I cried.

But no one was around, it was too late, a part of me has died.

I was awake but far from alive.

It took all that I had, just to survive.

My heart ached, as his skin, ripped into mine.

My innocence taken away at that point in time.

Why I cried, what did I do?

I’ve never seen you before, I don’t even know you.

His blue eyes were cold, heartless and rough.

Everything he took, still wasn’t enough.

Thrusts got harder with each and every touch.

Despite my screams and cries for help.

He was a demon no emotion could be felt.

He was there for one purpose, he only wanted one thing.

To steal my innocence, to stop me from living.

He accomplished what he set out to do that night.

For, everything in me was dead, which made it impossible to fight.

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