You weren’t who I was sure you were,
I never would have suspected
That the voice and features that I saw
Had never been inspected;
A slim clone of someone who I loved
Deceived me with sweet sounds
And drew my eyes from love to fear
Replete with baying hounds.
Before I knew what had happened to me,
My soul had been dissected.

You looked as I would have you look
Your voice was as I dreamed;
When our lips joined
The whole world shook –
What transpired was not as it seemed.

If only fools can be deftly fooled
I am most foolish indeed;
For I saw and felt what I needed to
And ignored my flowing bleed
Of substance long valued
Then taken for granted
Unknowingly I stumbled,
‘Till waking to realize you were not
Who you were;
Too late, I was abruptly humbled.

The imposter that I came to know
Had led me far astray,
By the time my vision fully cleared
You had faded into yesterday;
And though you feigned the love you spoke,
I miss you anyway.
‘Tis better to have been deceived
Then to never have had deep feelings
Conceived, received or believed.

You weren’t who I was sure you were,
You were an accomplished faker.
You fooled my eyes and fooled my heart,
I was taken in by a beautiful taker.
I have learned a thing or two,
Though too late to spare myself pain;
Into the wind my innocence blew,
Mere words can never explain.
Although time has passed
And the page has turned,
I still argue but can never agree
With my wounded self
That was cruelly burned,
You were not who I thought you to be.

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