In Advertising, Less Works Better

Considering the hefty price tag of marketing, every business wants to get the most bang for the buck. That’s why advertisers sometimes forget to keep it simple. Less works better. Consumers get bombarded daily by hundreds of ads (some say thousands) competing for attention. No ad, whether in a local paper, online or on a major network, has a captive audience that listens, watches or reads every detail. Recall of your ad poses an even bigger challenge. See if your advertising adheres to these four basics to give it the best chance of cutting through the clutter.

Defines the End Benefit

The consumer only wants to know “What’s in it for me?” The “end benefit” of your product or service should be spelled out so no one has to do any thinking to figure it out. Have you clearly communicated your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to separate your brand from the competition?

Reflects Your Brand Image

Every marketing item, from ads to point of sale to collateral, should stay true to your brand’s image. Whether that image is conservative or edgy, style and tone should communicate at a glance that your product or service is designed for upscale buyers, business, bargain hunters, the health conscious or whomever you identify as your potential customer.

Goes for Stopping Power

Essentially, your ad is asking a buyer for a date. You have to get that person’s attention before you can make your pitch. Does your opening (pickup) line have stopping power? Choose an approach that shows off your sense of humor, your intelligence, your coolness or even your muscles.

Covers Only What’s Critical

The top priority for any business is to embed your name in the consumers’ memory. Make a benefit promise and give a reason for them to believe you can deliver on that promise. Over and out. A child learns communication through repetition of one word or phrase at a time. If your advertising compares to a series of very long sentences crammed with information and it’s not working, take out a knife and cut it to the core.

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