Initial Review: Tango Vs. Facetime

Last night, after prompting from my husband, we attempted to Tango. Not the dance as you may be thinking…we used Tango, the new app that allows you to talk face to face “wherever you are” as they claim.

Normally we use FaceTime which came stock on our iPhone 4’s. FaceTime is something we use all of the time. As a sales rep who is always on the road, FaceTime serves as a great tool to connect me to my husband and my dogs. I often joke that I miss my dogs more than my husband because I can talk to him…but, now FaceTime allows me to check in with the rest of the “fam” as well. I also love FaceTime because the sound quality is actually much better than the speaker phone. So, even if we aren’t looking at each other, sometimes he cooks and sets the phone in the kitchen so we can talk, or when I’m lying in bed in the dark saying goodnight to my honey, I’d prefer to be on FaceTime than on speaker phone…it’s a noticeable difference!

Well, last night the internet was down because the power was out (due to Hurricane Irene) which meant we couldn’t use FaceTime. So, we decided to download Tango. It was free, so that’s a plus. And, it doesn’t need wi-fi to work. Once you download you are asked to enter your phone number, it doesn’t work without it. Then it asks you for permission to use your contact list. I said no, which then meant I couldn’t “call” my husband. He didn’t make the same mistake, so he “called me”. Tango has a nice, distinct ringer. But right away we noticed the clarity of the picture and the sound was not the same. Plus FaceTime is fun, you can turn the camera around, move the box with my face in it around the screen so it doesn’t block anything. With Tango, we couldn’t move the box around at all. One nice feature Tango has is that it doesn’t automatically correct it’s position based on how you hold the phone, which can be annoying with FaceTime.

Bottom line, hopefully Tango gets better, but for a free service it definitely will fit the bill when we can’t use FaceTime.

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