Jump Off the Propaganda Bandwagon

I was dumbfounded today by a simple analogy that was posted on a social media site, a lot of people were sharing and liking, but not one of them understood what it was about! None of those people took a second to think about what the post was really implying. The analogy itself was fine standing alone, but how could they actually overlook that it was political propaganda from the clear political reference in the paragraph preceding the analogy. What those people were sharing and saying amen to, was a slap in the face to them and they didn’t even realize it.

I have my own political view that I know in my heart to be correct, but posting a political view only causes a debate which doesn’t usually get very far. Facts and opinions can and are construed to the side that is trying to make others agree with their opinion. The most effective way to sway an opinion is to use propaganda in a way to make others agree to your views, sometimes without them knowing what they are agreeing with. Propaganda is used all the time during war, the recruiting of terrorist and even television shows. Why wouldn’t politicians use it? The problems we are facing today are escalated by the gullibility and lack of desire to make a conscious decision on ones own opinion.

Once the propaganda blinders are on, here comes the bandwagon! The big victory of the main propaganda plan is filling up the bandwagon with “zombified blinder wearers”. People today are so bombarded with propaganda from all directions that it has become second nature to “go with the flow”. When they finally start to wake up and realize that it wasn’t such a good idea to be associated with that particular opinion, they simply jump on the next bandwagon that drives by. It is unfathomable for me to understand this vicious circle that so many people can not seem to step out of. Unfortunately, it is that gullible misguided mindset that makes propaganda work so well.

Having an intelligent conversation with a bandwagon rider is even more baffling to me. They will argue with you, stating their facts or spouting slander until you ask them why they really feel that way or where they received their information. The only answers they have are, “because that is the way I was raised”, “everyone is talking about it”, “so and so said so”, “it’s the view of the church”, or “it was on the news”. When and why did society loose the ability to think for themselves? Is it a status fear, it is easier and safer to go along with the consensus of a group so you “fit in”? Is it the sheer lack of a desire to be informed, it is easier to trust what someone else says? Is it the inability to believe that you can make a difference? By re-posting, forwarding and repeating propaganda you are making a huge difference!

Break from the new status quo! Rip off the blinders, jump off the bandwagon and open your mind to the possibility that there is a better way, a different way, a way that you can actually believe in by being informed with actual facts. Form your OWN opinion!

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