Juneau, Alaska: 7 Fantastic Reasons Why This City is so Magical

In Juneau, Alaska no one ever gets bored, there is simply just too much to see and experience here to even get complacent and stagnant. And I know this may sound strange, but I swear even the air here is different almost electrifying adding to the enchantment of this place. You can watch orcas traveling in the bay, sea life a plenty, bears, eagles, Tlingit and Haida Native Americans and their wonderful culture, northern lights, and real blue icebergs. You know there are endless reasons to visit Juneau, Alaska but these seven are my ultimate favorite:

Star Watching – One of the best places for you to watch big, bright stars is down Thane Drive. This road travels next to the inlet where the cruise ships travel and at night the darkness is stunning. And you can see stars all over, brilliant stars reflecting in the still waters there.

Northern Lights – The best time to see the northern lights is in wintertime between December and January. These beautiful lights appear randomly and most people just happen to look up in the skies at the right moment and see them dancing in the skies above.

Bear Activity – In the spring Alaskan bears are the most active. If you live near the woods which are all around you be careful and watch for bears. I have seen a small bear scavenging in the Devil’s Club and wild blue berry bushes just above downtown near Mt. Juneau. Juneau has loads of berries in the springtime, blueberries, salmon berries, and in fact there are over 50 types of berries here enough for any person to pick a basket full or two. Of course bears just love eating them, so you have to share.

The bears definetly add to the magic here. Admiralty Island is one of best places to see lots of bears. Juneau, Alaska is the best place on earth to see bears in their natural environment.

Eagle Feathers – You might be surprised to see an eagle feather fallen in the pathway when you are hiking around, but you really should not be. One of the best places for you to see eagles and random feathers is in Alaska. Believe it or not, over half of the world’s population of eagles live in Juneau, Alaska. Just remember it is illegal to keep and collect eagle feathers unless you are a Native American. I saw a number of eagles and their gigantic nests high up in the trees.

Old Mining Remnant – Just past Douglas Harbor in Juneau, Alaska, there is a pathway that leads up into the lower woods and there lies the old mining remnant, old buildings and decaying metal and concrete bases from long time ago. And I love going up in that area and building a small fire at least one time a year usually during a cold winter day. During the extreme cold days you can see puffs of frozen fog hanging in the air, and this fog makes everything look enchanted.

Tlingit and Haida Native Americans – The Tlingit and Haida tribes were the first to live in Juneau all those years ago, and they still keep their traditions very active and alive.

Summer Solstice in Juneau, Alaska- Every year on June 21st the summer solstice there is a parade that marches through downtown Juneau. Crowds of tourists and residence line up on the side of the road to watch participants march down the road dressed in native costumes and others carrying sun signs and bright colored banners. The sunlight in Juneau, Alaska lasts a little over 18 hours during the longest day of the year, so most people there have lots of energy and are generally happy.

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