Just Another Day Called Sunday

Sunday morning has arrived and it is once again time to make that weekly trek to a place we call church. Wearing our Sunday go to church meeting clothes, we make the trip to our local parish so that we may mingle with other parishioners while giving thanks and prayers to our Lord and Savior. While there are millions who do this ritual on a weekly basis without fail, there are sadly millions more that do not. To these people Sunday is merely another day.

Deemed the seventh day of the week, Sunday has transformed itself from being the Sabbath, a day of worship and rest, into a highly commercialized day of wealth related activities. As a way of resting many adults decide not to cook a breakfast meal opting instead for a meal from McDonald’s. Then there are those who travel miles to attend a professional football game to cheer the modern day gladiators on to success and victory. For those who cannot afford such an endeavor, there is of course the home spun version of this activity in and around the boob tube. Loaded down with food and snacks and a more than occasional beverage this has become a worldwide ritual perpetuated by American society.

Is there any wonder as to why American society has become so degraded and disillusioned? Sometimes we forget that on this day of Sabbath there are thousands of men and women whose singular goal this day is to commit a crime, and many times it is a very violent crime. On this day there are many who will take their final rest. Pray that this is not the type of rest our Lord meant for us. Many will go homeless to live a life of despair. Many will go hungry but at least they will pray.

In a time where we find any semblance of religion being taken out of our government, our schools and our homes, is there truly any question as to why society seems to be in a downward spiral spinning out of control? The year 2011 has marked a new event in the small town of Dickinson Texas, occurring on what was to be a day of worship and remembrance, Christmas day. Christmas day is to be a day to celebrate the birth of Christ. It has customarily meant that the large grocery stores were closed for business on this day. It was customarily the only day that these stores would close their doors. But, the year 2011 found the doors open for business as if nothing was different and nothing was special.

Spiritualism and religion are not necessarily linked to any single day of the week. But Sunday has commonly been the day for such activities. Even if there are many who do not believe in such things there was at least the respect afforded between the opposing philosophies. Today there seems to exist no such respect. Sunday is now lost among the other days of the week. In a world of dire need of hope should we stray too far from tradition? Perhaps it is time to respect the Sabbath even if there is little belief. It is not just another day.

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