Just Do It

Whatever it is in life, just do it. I know that it’s Nike’s advertising slogan and has been for years, but really; just do it.


Imagine what the world would be like today if, people didn’t just do it. If people were saying,” yeah, but I might fail and fall flat on my face. I might make a fool out of myself and look funny or stupid in front of everybody and people will laugh at me.” The world wouldn’t be the same place that it is today if people didn’t face the fear and just do it anyway.

Bill Gates Or Steve Jobs

If Bill Gates or Steve Jobs were to give in to their fear and not do anything because of it, we might be living in a Netscape and Compuserve world today rather than an AOL and Microsoft world.


When you just do it, you change reality for better or worse; but, the whole point is that you’re doing something. Sometimes you got to do something, do anything, just to get things moving. Do anything to get the momentum going; you can always change things and make adjustments later but, the whole point is to get something moving. So, just do it. And, do it now!

Failure And Mistakes

Failure is going to happen; there are no doubts about it. Mistakes are going to be made; it’s a fact of life. When you don’t know exactly what you want; you make mistakes because you get sidetracked because you’re not sure of where you’re going. Failure and mistakes are going to happen, it’s a fact. If you can stay focused, then you can get the results that you want, eventually.

The Mistake Process

When you just do it, sometimes you kick yourself and ask yourself,” what did I do that for?” But, that’s part of the mistake process, which is part of the whole decision making process. Sometimes, your mistakes point you in the direction where you should be going. Without a road map, there is no telling where you’ll end up.

Just Do It

Just do it. Just take that step or do that thing that you know has to be done, that you’ve been dreading. It probably won’t be that bad. It rarely ever is.

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