Just Dreaming

Shooting stars,

Fluffy clouds,



Holding you close,

Holding you tight,

Wishing you were here,

By my side,

Want you to be with me,

Need you forever,

Loving you always,

Embrace me close,

Let the time pass,

Let us just dream,



Dream of those moments,

Where we do not have to worry,

Or fret,

Or think,

Just being able to hold each other,

Looking toward the sky,

Let’s forget about everything else,

Let us just focus on this,

The shooting stars,

Making a wish,

Fluffy clouds of beauty,

Peace of the quietness,

All around us,

Tranquility of being in our oneness,

Let the healing of our love,

Pour into every moment,

Pour into our hearts,

Building our strength,

Our love,

Into every place of our hearts,

Into every place of our beauty,

Of our joy,

Just dreaming,

Of those moments,

Of that time,

Where you and I can come together,

Forget about the cares of the world,

Let all time cease,

Come together to our oneness,

Shut ourselves out from the outside world,

And just be,

Just being together,


Keeping that beauty alive,

Keeping our love flowing,

Every single day,

I will keep dreaming,

Dreaming of our love,

As it comes true,

A little bit,

Day by day.

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