Just Married Tree Limb Sign

After you’ve taken care of all the flower arrangements for the wedding, as well as other decorations and aspects, maybe a short break is in order. You could take a walk in the park or in the woods to relax your busy brain a little. Putting on a wedding is a lot of work and can frazzle even the strongest of nerves. While you’re out there walking you might as well start looking for a small-diameter tree branch. With it, you can create an elegant sign to announce that man and wife are married. Display the sign, behind the married couple, on the wall at the wedding reception. Or, make a slightly larger one, hang it on the wall, and use it as the backdrop for the wedding photos.

A bare tree branch, with twigs protruding here and there, can be used as it is for a rustic wedding, country affair, or even a beach wedding. For an elegant look, though, paint the branch gold or silver. Another choice is to paint the branches to match or coordinate with the chosen wedding colors. It’s really easy to paint the branch with spray paint.

When you’re announcing the newly-wedded couple a painted branch isn’t quite extravagant enough, is it? Attach real, silk, or even paper flowers to the branch to create something a little more impressive. Use floral wire to attach real flowers or hot glue to affix silk or paper flowers. Just make a small bunch and attach the flowers, here and there, on the twigs and on the branch. But, so you’ll know where to position the flowers, first make a banner which is the official announcement of the newly-married couple.

Cut a piece of white paper or even satin fabric to make the banner or sign. Write “Just Married” on the banner with a paint marker. If you want, use scissors to scallop or otherwise create decorative touches at the ends of the paper or cloth.

Hang the tree branch on the wall so that it’s vertical. Position the banner right down the middle – vertically – and tape or otherwise secure it. Now you can decide where to attach the flowers, around the banner, and otherwise on the branch and twigs. Leave some twigs bare or attach tiny buds by wadding up colored tissue paper pieces and attaching them.

The tree branch “Just Married” sign is perfect for nearly any wedding, creates a lovely announcement banner, and is really simple to make. When the wedding is over you can take it off the wall, remove the banner, and put it in a floor vase in your new home.

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