Justin Beiber Accused of Fathering Fan’s Son

In recent news, Justin Beiber has been accused by 20 year old fan Mariah Yeater, of fathering her three month old son Tristyn. According to Star magazine, Yeater is seeking financial support for her son from Beiber.

Mariah Yeater tells the tawdry tale of a post concert backstage hookup with Beiber in Los Angeles that she claims resulted in her becoming pregnant. I wonder if Miss Yeater has taken into consideration the legal implications of her claim, being that Justin would have been 16 (a minor) and she would have been at least 19 at the time of the alleged incident? In other reports I have also read that Mariah Yeater has already tried to pin the paternity of her son on at least one other man, and another source states two other men. Was this a case of “third time is a charm”, and she just thought of trying to accuse a celebrity like Justin Beiber after the other two attempts failed?

I make no claims that I know either party involved in this case, because I do not. However, I’ve never heard of young Beiber (now age 17) being involved in any other scandalous hi jinx, which is rare with celebrities. I happen to believe the young star when he told the Today show that he has never even met the woman in question. Now, People magazine states young Justin will take a DNA test to prove he is not the father. This is something I feel he shouldn’t even have to do, but if it proves this woman wrong, so be it. Beiber will also be suing Miss Yeater for false allegations.

I have been very impressed with the way Justin seems to be handling this situation. He seems to realize and accept the fact that because he is a celebrity, he is in a position to become a target of such scandals, but yet he is unwilling to become a victim in the process. This all reminds me of Michael Jackson’s song Billie Jean lyrics, “she’s just a girl who claims that I am the one, but the kid is not my son”.

I have yet to figure out Mariah Yeater’s motive behind causing this scandal. Is it for money, notoriety, or publicity? Or, could she have mental problems and truly be delusional and actually believe that she has given birth to the celebrity’s child? Whatever the reason, I find it really sad that little elementary school girls who make up a large part of Beiber’s fan base, will be asking questions about Justin getting some girl pregnant. Try as parents might to avoid it, chances are these kids are going to hear some things about this scandal from older siblings or through the school playground. These kids are just getting to the age where they can read well enough to be able to notice Justin’s smiling face from the cover of the grocery store magazine rack at the checkouts and read the headlines.

As parents, we have enough to worry about without having to try to shield our small little Beiber fans from the outrageous claims of a random fan. These kids are much too young to hear the sordid details or to explain the situation to. Justin Beiber is certainly not the first celebrity to fall prey to a delusional fan’s fantasies, and I seriously doubt he’ll be the last. Hopefully, all of this will blow over, especially after DNA confirms this is not his “Baby”. I seriously doubt that Bieber needed “Somebody To Love” desperately enough to make Yeater “One Less Lonely Girl” for a night. Yeater had better “Pray” she has a good defense team when Beiber brings on the lawsuit.

As for myself, if this whole thing blows up in my face, and Yeater is telling the truth, I will write an article of apology for not believing her. Somehow, I doubt I will have to do that! Good luck to Justin in getting this ordeal over with as soon as possible.

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