He was following the young lady. He was kind of a stalker that meant no harm. He just wanted to meet the young lady and possibly ask her on a date, but it had the makings of a classic stalker and peeping Tom. I do not condone what he was doing but because I know him, I know he meant no harm but I told him he had to find a better way to relate to young women because this would be taken the wrong way.

He had the police called on him several times and had several misdemeanor arrests and citations. Still he kept on because he said he would find the right woman eventually. Of course I disagreed.

Just then he saw her, she was very nice looking and had long sexy legs. He was hooked. I told him to just go up to her and say something, but he would not. He followed her to her house, peeking through the windows, his usual thing.

As he watched her get ready for bed and turn out the lights, he decided he would leave. He decided to walk down the street and he heard someone following him. His heart began to beat fast and he walked faster. He eventually started to run. He made it home and was happy to be there.

He called me and told me what happened. He said he thought she had followed him home. I told him that was Karma. He said it was something eerie about it. I told him of course it was. That is how these women felt about you all these years, I told him.

Just then the phone went dead. I jumped in my car and drove other to his house after calling back 2 times and dialing his cell once.

When I got to his house police were everywhere. I told them who I was and the officer said that it was the most gruesome crime he had ever seen. It turns out the woman my friend was following was a mental patient that had just been released from an asylum. She had murdered her little brother and his friend for spying on her when she was a teenager.


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