Katy Perry Costumes: Best Halloween Costumes of Katy Perry

Candy costumes of Katy Perry are her most popular looks and if you want to go for the trademark image of the pop artist for Halloween, the best costumes are listed here and where to buy them.

When Katy’s on stage and giving interviews, the Grammy nominated performer is almost always wearing elaborate costumes featuring candy accents. She makes lollipops, cotton candy, and hard candy motifs the coolest fashion statement. Don’t forget that Katy Perry’s costumes never come without the famous ice cream, whip cream, and cherries on top in all of the right places!

Listed here are the best source pages for Katy Perry candy costumes to meet your Halloween needs. Instead of making your own from satin, foam, glitter, and ink, why not just find the best place to get the one you want?

Candy Costumes of Katy Perry for Halloween

Katy Perry Candy Cupcake Fabric Corset Dress – the dress sells for $315 and is custom sized. The model in the photo is wearing a long lavender wig, much like the one Katy is often seen in. The costume is one-piece with candy accessories sewn into it. Fake ice cream, rolled candy, and multi-colored panels create the poufy skirting. Large cupcakes are placed on the bust area and a large white satin bow ties at the back. Notice the white fishnet hosiery, too!

Katy Perry Candyland Dress (Adult) – at a reasonable price of $54.99, this dress is featured on KatyPerryCostume.org, although it doesn’t specifically say on Amazon that it’s a Katy-inspired dress. The costume includes knee-highs, hat, and petticoat. Perfect for that fun Halloween party!

Katy Perry Candyland Homemade Dress – this costume sells for $298 and is for a very small person. The homemade costume was created by a seamstress who creates fun dresses like these for a hobby. Details on the dress are so intricate, it’s hard for the photo to capture. It’s a younger version of what the dress above looks like.

Katy Perry Pink Cotton Candy Dress Costume – selling for $275, this corset dress is a pink dream with different sizes of cotton candy fabric sewn on it. Pink ribbon bows are where the corset and tulle skirt meet. The dress has a one to two week turnaround for delivery, depending on your deadline to get the costume before Halloween.

As one of pop music’s hottest performers, Katy has made candy famous for other reasons. Any costume with fake popsicles, marshmallows, and candy sprinkles go a long ways as an ideal costume as well.

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Source: KatyPerryCostume.com

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