Kay Rabthat Toks. Job Search a May Day

Good Day. My Name Is Kay Rabthat Toks. Since there are so many people that are looking for work. I thought I would share my job search experience with all of you. My family calls me rabbitoks for short, and my friends refer to me as “Kay Rabby,” but for some reason they seem to run it together and forget to leave a pause between Kay and rabby?

Let me tell you a little about me. I grew up in a small ocean front town, population about 500. I just had my birthday last May, I turned 20 years old. That is a party I will never forget, but I will tell you about that another time. My family has made there living catching crabs. All of the salt in the air seems to make us itch alot. I was born on a crab boat, while my father was making his catch for the day. When he tells me about that day, for some reason he always starts with? “The ocean was really rocking 9 months before that day.” I never really understood what he meant by that?

Day 1: I decided to go and try to find a job downtown. I went to several places, but I never thought job searching would be so difficult. I started out going to the unemployment office. I informed the receptionist that I was looking for a job. She said “I can help you with that.” I was thinking this would be easy, until she asked me for my name, and what kind of work I was looking for. I informed her that my name was Kay Rabthat Toks and I was interested in any job available. This lady must not have had her coffee that morning. Her Response was. “Your crabby and would like to talk?” She had a stunned look on her face. She asked again. “Whats your name, and what kind of work are you looking for?” I informed her again, my name is Kay Rabthat Toks. Her reply this time was, “this is a place to get a job, if you make a joke again I will have security escort you out.” One more time she said, “Whats your name, and what kind of work are you looking for?” As I was getting a little irrigated,” oops sorry,” irritated. I Replied sternly. “Honestly my name Is Kay Rabthat Toks.” I paused for a moment. Next thing I knew, she raised her hand to motion security. 2 big guys in uniforms grabbed me by my arms and threw me out the door. A little sore and befuddled, I decided not to go back there again.

Knowing that I needed a job my next idea was a temp to hire agency. After what happened on the way there, I wondered if something was trying to tell me not to go there? I started walking down the street towards the agency. Since this town is ocean front, we get a lot of rain, and just had a good downpoor, so there was a lot of water on the ground. I was walking past a 2 story apartment building, that happened to be getting a piano loaded onto the second story balcony. In this section of the town there was water covering half of the sidewalk, and street. As I got closer to the water, and piano. I herd the guys yelling “the rope is breaking, the rope is breaking!” It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to respond. Of course as my luck portrayed, the rope broke and the piano came crashing down right in the middle of the water. Fortunately I didn’t get hit, but the water sprayed up over my head, and landed on top of me, saturating my clothes with wet mud. Of course I had to go home and change.

I made it home cold and chilled. I cleaned myself up, and went to get a change of clothes. I hadn’t got into my closet for a long time since I never Really had to dress up to search for work. So when I opened up my closet it seemed like a 1000 moths flew out of it, startling me so bad, that I had to run to the restroom. When I got back to my closet, I pulled out my favorite shirt. Unfortunately the holes were so bad from the moths, that the shirt fell apart. Reaching back into my closet, I picked out a nice suit. It had a white shirt, dark blue slacks and a dark blue jacket. Mind you, I havn’t had to ware these clothes for awhile. The pants were tight, but I stuffed myself into them anyway. The shirt seemed to fit fine. the jacket on the other hand wasn’t very coopertive. I slipped my arms into the jacket, and went to pull down the arms for placement. I pulled on the right arm first to set it on my wrist. I herd this terrible sound, not knowing where the sound came from? I continued to my left arm. As I was pulling down on my left, the whole arm came off from the shoulder, followed by the right arm falling to the floor. Of course that jacket would not work so I stayed with the shirt and slacks.

I was a bit thirsty so I sat down for a minute to drink some coffee. Next thing I know, the inseam on both sides of the slacks ripped out! Since I was having a bad time, I decided to relax for a minute before changing again. I tipped up my coffee for a drink, and suddenly had an instant sneeze, causing me to poor coffee clear down my shirt! Finally, I got changed and headed out the door again.

I finally made it to the temp to perm agency. I walked up to the receptionist, and said I was looking for a job. This lady handled the situation a little diffrent. She handed me a form to fill out, and stated, you may include a nickname that you are familiar with. Ok, this seemed to be going well, I thought? I filled out the form and added my nickname that my friends use. Just in case you forgot? It was Kay Rabby, “without a pause?” The lady took the form and started to read through it. At first, she seemed quite professional and serious. Then she slowly started to get a smile on her face. Seemingly trying to hold herself back with a straining look on her face, that was like she was suffering from a severe case of constipation. She started busting up out loud with an ear piercing laugh. Broken up by her laughing. The tears were running down her face like a waterfall. You could barely make out what she was saying In between the Laughs, but it sounded something like this, “Crabby, crab that talks, rabbit talks, crabby rabbit talks.” Continuing to laugh extremely hard, she started looking at her co-workers, pointing at my application, and trying to speak in between her laughs. At that point I sunk my head and walked out the door.

Sincerely: Kay Rabthat Toks

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