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One of the biggest hassles of traveling is being on the run when your smartphone starts to die. There goes your maps, contacts, calendar, and whatever other apps you needed to navigate around. Or you’re sitting in the airport and your tablet or other portable electronic devices starts to drain power while you’re sitting there without an outlet in sight and yet another travel delay. You could bring along a portable battery charger but those are often a bit unwieldy to use especially in a crowded public area like a train, bus or airline terminal where you might not want to display all of your electronic devices in plain view of potential thieves.

The Powerbag™ messenger bags, briefcases, and backpacks can keep you charged up while discretely keeping your electronics under wraps. Upon initial glance, these bags look like any smartly designed sturdy travel bags. But in addition to having ample compartments for storing work papers, travel documents, a tablet and even a laptop, these bags contain a battery charging system that’s seamlessly built into the bag. The lightweight, rechargeable and removable battery contains enough juice to fully charge a smartphone 2 to 4 times depending on the model of Powerbag selected.

No pulling out bulky portable chargers or fumbling with cords. Just slip your iPod/MP3 player, Tablet, Smartphone, eReader, Bluetooth headset and the majority of other mobile devices into a convenient side pocket. Then plug in the appropriate adapter, zip up the side pocket and charge away. You can connect up 4 mobile devices at once via the included pre-routed connectors (1 apple, one micro, one mini), as well as the one USB port situated on the battery. Automatically the Powerbag charging system will detect which devices are connected and will only send the amount of power needed to charge each one.

Then when you return to your home or hotel room, use the included AC Adapter to power up the Powerbag. When charging, the Powerbag will charge any attached gadgets first and then charge the battery.

For those who want a visual demonstration of how the Powerbag works, check out this video.

Be sure to check the specs of each model before deciding which one works for your needs as the size of the bag determine what size laptop you can use with this bag. The bags range in size from the messenger tablet that weighs 2.4 pounds and is perfect for those only needing to transport a tablet or Kindle to a wheeled briefcase that functions as a portable office and weighs 7.65 pounds.

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