Ketchup Burger Bar: Offering Healthy Eating Options

Ketchup is located in the trendy Uptown area of Dallas, Texas that is well known for being the heart of the city’s atmosphere. They are popular for transforming America’s favorite meal burgers into a healthier version, which these days everyone is looking for.

The only problem with the area is parking there is very little to none. You are able to park in the parking garage that is attached that is for the area apartments, but you will have to pay to park in here. It is nice going to Ketchup during the day because they offer free valet parking so you do not have to worry about where you are going to park.


Ketchup is located at 3028 North Hall Street in Dallas, Texas.


The atmosphere of Ketchup is very simple and old school. As you walk in you will see a counter with the menu posted behind it. You first place your order, then you find a spot to sit, and they will bring you your food.

You can sit inside where they offer a variety of black tables with metal trim, classic booths with tan leather seats, or high back banquettes complete with 70’s patterned fabric.

The bar area offers tan leather stools with no backs on them. In here you are surrounded by dim lighting, brick walls and numerous large screen plasma TVs with either sports or news stations being aired on them.

The patio area is small, but very cute. Out here they offer wicker chairs and tables situated under umbrellas for shade.


The menu at Ketchup is complete with many unique items. First of all let’s start with the ketchup. It is home-made and they have options of green tomato, spiced, chipotle or the house flavor. They are all 4 offered at each table so you are able to try all of them. I am not a ketchup lover but the chipotle was really tasty.

Now moving on to their fry selection. I had a hard time choosing what kind of fries to order. Thank god they offered a Fry trio allowing you to order a sample portion of three choices. The options you have for fries are zucchini fries, truffle parmesan, buffalo fries, sweet potato fries, garlic and chive fries or just plain old American fries. The zucchini fries were my favorite. They were very crispy, not mushy. For an extra treat order a side of spicy aioli or wasabi aioli to dip the fries in, those sauces are also home-made and add a flavor burst to each bite.

Next on to the burgers. They have an amazing selection of burgers that range between $7-$9 each.

My favorite is the Brie Burger. It is piled high with Brie cheese, baby spinach, tomato and a home-made apple butter Dijon sauce that will make your mouth water.

Other Sandwich Options…

Turkey Burger- Topped with white cheddar, jalapeno con salsa, arugula, and spice aioli

Ahi Tuna Sandwich- Topped with avocado, pickled ginger, spinach, and wasabi aioli

The Roadhouse- Topped with gruyere, Cherrywood smoked bacon, garlic mayo, onion rings and tomato

The KB Dog- Beef hot dog with beer mustard, cheddar, red onion and house ketchup

Lamb burger- Topped with feta cheese, grilled onion and tomato and finished with cucumber mint spread

And quite a few other options…


Ketchup offers a full bar complete with draft and bottle beers, wines (by the glass or bottle) and mixed drinks. Drinks range in price from $3-$12 (the price is higher for wines by the bottle).

If you are looking for a unique shake try one of their Crème Brulee, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry or Vanilla Bean shakes to complete your meal. Shakes are $5 each.


I really enjoyed my lunch experience here. It is nothing fancy, but it is a great location for a quick lunch. Service is friendly, food is excellent, prices are great for what you get and the home-made sauces and ketchups are the best.

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