Kevin Federline Celebrates Fatherhood a Fifth Time

However you feel about Kevin Federline, his musical talents, or lack thereof, or his record of failed marriages, you have to give him props for stepping up as a dad. Monday, the famous ex-husband of Britney Spears and his girlfriend, and past Washington State volleyball star, Victoria Prince, added baby daughter, Jordan Kay to the Federline line, getting longer every year. The couple proudly displayed their bump of their future daughter in April, both with beaming grins.

Federline has always fully embraced his fatherly role, and first love, Shar Jackson, was among the first to send congratulations welcoming baby Jordan. Jackson has always been a fan of Kevin’s fatherly skills, reminding folks as far back as 2007 that he was a great dad, and still “the love of her life” for 10-year-old daughter, Kori. There will be no shortage of snuggles for the new arrival from siblings, as she joins step brothers, Kaleb,7, Jayden 4, and Preston, 5, along with big sister, Kori.

Federline may be more famous for less than spectacular showings in his forays into rap, wrestling, and modeling, but even the courts have regarded his paternal disposition in granting sole custody, and being there as a dad may not make the blurbs on “Entertainment Tonight,” but it matters most at bedtime, and comes up big time in making memories.

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