Key Quest 2011 Halloween Promotion Includes Some Wickedly Awesome Prizes

Ever since Neopets did the Double Key Weekend a couple years ago I have anxiously await them doing the same thing. It’s a great way to save up keys if you want to redeem them later and score some great prizes. This year the Halloween promotion started a little late but there are some incredibly nice items available when you redeem keys at The Vault.

Some of the prizes that have surfaced so far include: Haunted Tablet, Pumpkin Ghost Toast, Haunted Woods Reader, Ghostly Torch, Moonlit Werelupe Stamp, Spooky Ring, Haunted Woods Travel Brochure, Ghost Gnorbu Plushie, Magic Ghost Marshmallows, Pant Devil Lunch Box, Evil Baklava, Pumpkin Launcher, Ghostkerchief Dagger, Spooky Tower Entrance, Evil Fuzzle Coin and Devilpuss plushie

I haven’t has a lot of time to play Key Quest since the promotion started but I am pretty pleased with what I got when I redeemed earlier this evening. Here’s my results: 3 Silver Keys: Zei Codestone, Lime Swirly Negg, Acara Nightmare, Haunted Mandolin x 2 1 Gold Key: Vo Codestone and Ghostmallow Smore

When possible, use the low resolution game to avoid stalls and freezes. I have only had a problem a couple times with this low res Key Quest version and they were all because other people quit. You can access the low res version here:

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