Kidney Stones: Natural Cures and Prevention

Kidney stones are painful, and medical intervention can be costly (a family friend encountering one had medical bills upwards of $15,000). Following old-school methods of prevention and cures can be both cost effective and healthy to the body, and can help rid the body naturally of kidney stones. Particularly beneficial to people who have reurring kidney stones, preventative methods can be a real lifesaver!

My sister works for a doctor who specializes in geriatric treatment. As such, my sister sees many recurring kidney stone cases that often get the same recommended treatment. Not surprisingly, it’s the same method that our homeopathic massage therapist (Ms. Bullock) also uses for herself. Preventative vitamin B-6 and magnesium may be all you need to help prevent recurring kidney stones from afflicting you. Talk to your doctor about proper dosage for yourself.

My grandmother always recommended drinking apple cider vinegar daily in the prevention of kidney stones, as apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and works to balance the body and dissolve the crystals that form into stones. Again, not surprisingly, our homeopathic friend also highly recommends this preventative measure. I drink apple cider vinegar daily just for basic overall health. You really cannot go wrong by incorporating apple cider vinegar into your daily health regimen.

For an active kidney stone itself, treatment as soon as possible is the best way to hopefully rid yourself of the offending stone. Natural treatment is 2 ounces of olive oil mixed with two ounces of apple cider vinegar or two ounces of lemon juice, with a large glass of water as a chaser. Depending on how quickly you want relief or how stubborn your kidney stone may be, apple cider vinegar may be your best choice as it is more acidic.

How this treatment works is two-fold. The apple cider vinegar or lemon juice break down the kidney stone to make it more passable, and the olive oil works as a lubricant to send the kidney stone on its way and dislodge it so it passes easily.

These old-school remedies of kidney stone relief can work together to keep further kidney stones at bay while successfully treating current kidney stones. However, like any and all home remedies or natural cures, consulting your doctor before moving forward is highly suggested. Do your research to find out what kidney stone remedy will work best for you, and always alert your doctor as to any treatments you are doing or considering for your health.


my sister, a doctor’s assistant

Massage therapist Ms. Bullock

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