Kids’ Felt Face Puzzle Game

Yes, kids today spend a lot of time on the computer, or playing video games, but many young kids still love the old-fashioned entertainment types, like board games. If your kids are bored and needing something to do, or you’re having a birthday party for your child and there will be many kids to entertain, consider making a felt face puzzle game. It’s easy to create and kids will have fun with it for hours.

The particular game you make is up to you. You can create a felt face, a felt dog, or another design. To begin, just purchase a pack of felt that has several colors. Use it to make the main part of the game, as well as the features.

Go online and download a picture of a person, an animal, or an object – like a boat. Cut the main image – a face, a pet’s body, or another – from one piece of felt. Use other colors of felt to make the features. If the puzzle game is a face, cut a nose, a mouth, a moustache, eyeglasses, hair, ears, and similar features. If the puzzle is a dog, cut a dog collar, ears, a tail, etc. The more features you create the better the game will be.

There are various ways to play the felt face game. It’s a puzzle that’s put together as the game goes along. One way to play is to start out with the main piece lying on a table. Kids take turns rolling a dye or dice. A child who rolls an even number gets to put one of the felt features on the face but a child who rolls an odd number has to remove one feature. The person who puts the last feature on the face is the winner. Play a slightly different version: even numbers put on a feature and odd numbers skip a turn.

Another way to play the game is to give points for each feature. A child who rolls an even number will choose one of the features and put it in place on the face or other object. Write a tiny number – with a pen or marker – on the back of each feature, and add them up as the game progresses. When all of the features are in place the points can be tallied.

If you don’t have any felt you can also use paper or fabric. Get out the fun game anytime you have bored kids, every time you throw a birthday party, or on a game night with the family. It’s a really cheap game but it’s a whole lot of fun.

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