Kids Halloween Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Young Children

Halloween in an exciting time for kids, as it stretches their imagination and allows them to explore their fears. Encourage that creativity by providing age-appropriate crafts. With these adorable toilet paper Halloween craft ideas, young children can join the holiday festivities while showing off their creative efforts.

Halloween Mummy

This cute craft is quick and easy to make, with a toilet paper roll, a sheet of paper towels, a set of wiggly eyes and some glue. Simply cut the paper towel into ½ inch strips and begin wrapping the toilet paper roll “mummy style”. Spread the toilet paper roll with glue as you go, to hold the paper towel in place. Leave a bare section about ½ to 1 inch from the top and glue the wiggly eyes in the opening.


This easy-to-make craft is ideal for preschoolers, but does require a bit of preparation by an adult. Make two cuts on the toilet paper roll on opposing sides, running 2/3 of the way down the roll. Slide a Popsicle stick into the slots to create the arms. Cover the top third of the toilet paper roll with masking tape to create the scarecrows face and hold the tube together. Add fringed construction paper to the top for hair and top with a inverted muffin cup to create the floppy hat. Glue in place. Add facial features with a marker or from cutouts and add a few brightly colored patches to the scarecrow’s outfit or let children color in the “clothes” with markers.


Halloween isn’t complete without an ugly witch. Make this witch from a toilet paper roll and bits of construction paper. Color the toilet paper roll black or cover it with black construction paper. Cove the top 1/3 of the roll with green-gray paper. Make a cone with back construction paper and glue to a circle of paper to make the witches hat. Glue frayed yarn or fringed construction paper to the bottom of the hat so that it will fall around the face when assembled. Add the hat to the top of the toilet paper roll and glue to staple in place. Add wiggly eyes and draw on the other facial features.

Black Cat

Make napkin holders by cutting the toilet paper tube into 1-inch sections. Sketch a cat’s face and tail ( or download a pattern) and cut them out of black construction paper. Add facial features and glue the face on one side of the roll and the tail on the opposite side. Tuck a brightly colored napkin into the roll for a black cat napkin holder.

Providing young children opportunities to create their own Halloween crafts builds both creativity and imagination while involving them in traditional celebrations. So, ago ahead, grab some toilet paper rolls and craft supplies and let your little monster go to town creating these easy-to-make Halloween crafts for kids.

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