Kid’s Plastic Pocket T-Shirt

You can’t really put a value on a shirt that looks different each time you wear it. One shirt can appear to be dozens of shirts and that’s worth a great deal when you’re trying to dress a child, while holding to a tight budget. But where do you find such a shirt? There’s actually one type of shirt you can make right now, using a shirt your child already has, and that shirt can instantly have a new look, while also appearing different each time it’s worn. Make a plastic pocket shirt and that one article of clothing can be many.

Have you ever bought a set of sheets in one of those clear plastic, zipper bags? That plastic, or similar plastic from another product, is perfect for making the pocket on an existing t-shirt. Cut a large square of the plastic to attach to the chosen shirt.

Thread a darning needle with yarn and sew along one edge of the pocket to give it a finished look. This step is optional. Another option is to sew a piece of lace, rick-rack, or a ruffle across the top edge of the plastic pocket. Then, position the pocket on the shirt. Sew around the three unfinished sides to attach it to the shirt. Instead of using yarn and a darning needle you can also sew the pocket on by machine.

All you have to do now is slide something into the clear pocket to give the shirt the theme of the day. Items you can slide inside the pocket include a silk flower, a picture cut from a calendar or other source, a shaped piece of cloth (like a red heart), an image printed from the internet, or even a written poem.

There are various designs you can do when you use a clear pocket on an existing shirt. You could sew the pocket up high, right on the front of the shirt, or make two pockets, much lower, on the front sides of the shirt. With the assortment of items you can slide into the pocket(s) there are no limits to the different designs you can give to the shirt.

The clear pocket looks great on other cloth items, too. Sew one or more on a denim skirt, a scarf, or even a purse. Put whatever you want into the pocket, for the world to see, just don’t forget to remove the object before laundering the garment.

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