Kindergarten: My Daughter is Ready, but Am I??

I woke up this morning with the strangest thought. It is a normal Monday, but in two short days my daughter, Emily, will start kindergarten. It’s a scary thought in my eyes, and my mind races with the thoughts of what I have taught her. Will she be prepared for what she faces? Will the teacher understand her the way we do?

My wife and I are first time parents. Every single day with a 5 year old, is something new we haven’t experienced yet. What I don’t know is if what we taught her will make her a success or not. All the questions I have will take years to get answers for. The biggest fear is what outside influences will affect her, and if they will be positive or negative. Am I truly prepared for tears caused by a bully, or someone just being mean?

In my first article, I talked about teaching my daughter to keep her hands up. Not only in a fighting standpoint, but with life as well. I tried to give her a life lesson that if you remain prepared, nothing will ever surprise you, and you will be equipped to handle it. That is a large lesson to learn for a 5 year old, but I hope it serves her well. I am lucky in the fact that Emily will soon be 6, so she will be one of the older kids starting kindergarten. I just hope that her age will help her excel against the elements of the public school system.

I personally think my daughter is extremely smart for her age. I have watched as her vocabulary has grown to great lengths. Her personality has developed into what I can only call, a mommy/daddy hybrid. She has taken the best from both of us, and turned into her own. I am so proud of her quick wit and charm.

As a father, I know the best thing I can do, is prepare her the best I can and be there to wipe the tears. A daddy is suppose to fix all the bad stuff. I just hope that everything I’ve taught her will translate into success in school and beyond. All I know is that ready or not, school is here and it’s time to test our parenting like never before.

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