Knowledge and Information Without College

Is a university degree worth the time when one can search Google for information and knowledge? When someone goes to school is institutionalized information and knowledge that one can easily receive on one’s own time. I understand that the teacher’s of those institutions believe they are doing a noble thing. And, their intentions are pure when it comes to helping out the people who need the help, but to allow students to enroll and when a student decides to take a series of courses because he/she has too is the wrong reason to learn. Force feed knowledge is not the way we humans learn. How can one find a passion in something they are not interested because they have to take a certain course to meet requirements for graduation. Many people go to college because they think they can make more money, or land a better job, but the original point of college is to enrich one’s life with knowledge to live better lives. Today, people go to college so that when they graduate they have a better job in the market. This is the wrong motivation, especially if they don’t like what they have studied. Now, in today’s technological society people can obtain more information and knowledge from Google and the library instead of spending so much money to go to college. Even if college is completely paid for by the government, and one doesn’t have to pay a cent for a degree it still doesn’t seem sense to spend time to complete it if one can learn on one’s one time on their own through the Internet.
When one takes the time to study something on their own they unlock their passion, but if someone doesn’t know what their passions are they should explore and try out subjects to study. If a person doesn’t like something or a subject they can abandon it in favor of another without the fear of someone grading someone else’s work. With Google anyone can learn anything they want to learn, and with a process of self-teaching one can become anything they want to be. Self-education is more valuable to one’s own mind and holds more sentimental value because one has the passion to do that. It is sad that most business’s and organizations prefer people with college degrees and sometimes reject applicants without them. But, why would someone want a job when one can make their own jobs. When I mean make one’s own jobs I mean starting a business where the person is his/her own boss. Innovation, and creativity is crucial for a business to thrive.
I think it is better to start one’s own business than to go to college, and create themselves a job that they have a passion for it.

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