Korean Drama: Flower Boy Ramen Shop

When the son of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea, Cha Chi Soo, gets a part time job at a local Ramen shop, things are bound to get complicated. Flower Boy Ramen Shop is owned by Choi Kang Hyuk together with his self proclaimed ‘wife’ Yang Eun Bi, whose father apparently sold the shop and herself to him. He also ‘adopted’ his so-called kids that has no other place to go: Chasung’s Cha Chi Soo, runaway boy Kim Ba Wool and angel boy Woo Hyun Woo to make them the shop’s part time workers. Little does he know that Cha Chi Soo already has his eyes on his beloved wife. But what will happen when Cha Chi Soo’s father decides to build a fancy Ramen restaurant by taking down their humble little shop?

Flower Boy Ramen Shop’s Employees

Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo)

The heir of the biggest and most famous food conglomerate “Cha Sung” is the Ramen Shop’s pickled radish guy, the moody and unreasonable spoiled brat Cha Chi Soo. This guy puts much emphasis into his majestic surname “Cha” but Choi Kang Hyuk always gets his name wrong, but the worst one is probably Yang Eun Bi’s fondness of calling him Dog Chi Soo. As he lives in a small house full of commoners with no bidet, no sofa and no bed. How long will the prince last until he finally whines his way back home?

Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah)

From a former volleyball player to Cha Sung High School’s student teacher to running a ramen shop full of pretty boys, Yang Eun Bi has lived well, or not. After quitting volleyball to take the civil service exam, she finally gets to be an intern at the prestigious Cha Sung High School. But instead of happy ending, she found herself in a sticky situation that forced her to just run her father’s ramen shop. Born in the year of Rabbit, this 24 year old firmly believes that 2011 is her only lucky year. What will happen when she runs out luck? But with two beautiful men chasing after her, that’s unlikely to happen. Yang Eun Bi must have saved a whole country in her past life, or not. At this point which Rooster will the Rabbit choose, 1993 Cha Chi Soo or 1981 Choi Kang Hyuk?

Choi Kang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo)

If he’s not sleeping, than he’s probably taking nap. The lazy owner has great talent in camouflaging his enormous body to be able to sleep almost anywhere without people knowing, or maybe that’s just Yang Eun Bi’s lack of attention. A pillar to Yang Eun Bi and an onion to Cha Chi Soo, his name is rarely heard despite being the shop’s big boss. He’s a gifted chef with an amazing sense of taste, but with just that, will he be able to protect Yang Eun Bi and the ramen shop?

Kim Ba Wool (Park Min Woo)

The ramen shop’s staff leader with a rebellious past. Where as past probably means yesterday. He’s deeply in love with his girlfriend, the white swan Yoon So Yi, who is actually dating other men besides him. And Cha Chi Soo is one of them. Will this runaway boy ever get to keep Yoon So Yi’s heart to him and only him?

Woo Hyun Woo (Jo Yoon Woo)

He’s a delicate young boy who loves to knit, the class president and the shop’s most adorable flower boy. People wouldn’t know that behind that gentle face, debt collectors in black suits are following him to do who-knows-what! But he’s so innocent, even he doesn’t know. What will happen when they finally catch this little angel?

Like cooking a bowl of ramen, the story prepared all it’s necessary ingredients in the introductory stage. The noodles slowly boils and just before the climax ends, the ramen gets served, eaten before it cools down. It took a lot of different events before the ramen shop idea was established. And the trio’s love story is similar to how a ramen is when inside the saucepan, it quickly burns up and becomes unstoppable.

The whole story revolves around the saying “love doesn’t need a reason at all” and truthfully this is the only drama where ramens and comfort rooms co-exist to create a one of a kind love roller coaster. Really, I think this one focused more on the latter, not that I’m complaining. This drama is really fun to watch, it’s almost like it’s coming out from Manga. It’s a must watch when you want to laugh out loud, this is definitely worth watching.

Flower Boy Ramen Shop is created by tvN, for more information visit the drama’s official website: http://tvn.lifestyler.co.kr/drama/handsome/

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