Korean Drama: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

For 500 years, the legendary nine-tailed fox is said to be trapped inside a painting. One stormy night, Cha Dae Woong hears a mysterious voices telling him to go near a painting of an eight-tailed fox. The voice commands him to draw another tail on it. The hesitant young man’s fingers shakes as he draws the ninth tail, and when he does, dogs started barking, the storm was furious as the place gets even darker. Dae Woong runs away from the painting, and accidentally falls from a cliff that almost ended his life. When he wakes up, a beautiful lady stands in front of him, probably hungry enough to eat his liver.

When your lover wants your liver, you have no choice but to make sure she is never hungry. Dae Woong accidentally freed the legendary Gumiho. The creature also happens to save Dae Woong’s life by giving him her most precious fox bead. In order to live, he accepts her bead with one condition, Dae Woong must help transform her into a mortal being.


“Miho the Gumiho” (Shin Min Ah)
For her to become a human, the sly nine-tailed fox lives by eating the livers of men. Taking the appearance of beautiful lady, she seduces them and turns them into her prey. Because of her bloodcurdling way to survive, the villagers became aware of her true nature, thus in return she has never found a husband. After the great Grandma Samshin heard about this, she trapped Gumiho inside a painting to no longer cause problems among the town’s citizens.

Well, half of the legend is just a rumor though. The 500 year old beauty with superhuman strength is actually a victim of women’s jealousy hundreds of years ago. In reality, the sweet Gumiho would be satisfied just by eating beef, beef and more beef. Which probably placed a huge hole inside Dae Woong’s pocket.

“The Wannabe Actor” (Lee Seung Gi)
Cha Dae Woong lost his parents at a very young age, eager to make him happy, his grandfather and aunt gave him everything he wanted. The spoiled brat lived life according to his wishes, but when his grandfather decides to transfer him to a more humble school far from his hometown, the aspiring actor runs away and instead got into a more life changing situation.

During his little adventure, he meets the Gumiho, the one that both saved and endangered his life. She follows him everywhere he goes and eventually declares to be his girlfriend for 100 days, in exchange of the fox bead that restores his health inside him. Even if he tries to run away, he always keeps coming back to her, despite the fact that her favorite food is probably one of the most expensive types of meat in the market.

“The Cold-Blooded Veterinarian”
(No Min Woo)
Half-human and half-goblin, Park Dong Joo has lived in the human world for hundreds of years. An immortal being who is supposed to capture the escaped Gumiho. But when he learns that Miho is made out of his ex-lover’s remains, Kil Dal’s fire, he tries to fulfill her wish to become a human. Calm but possessive, he attacks his rivals from behind. When he asks Miho to drink his blood and keep the bead inside Dae Woong for 100 days so she can be turn into a mortal, he didn’t tell her that doing so would kill the bead’s receiver.

His suppressed aggressiveness conceals his intense dark aura. He loves and cares for Miho, but does it in a subtle yet peculiar way. He may seem cruel, but his intentions are purer than it looks. He became the reason for Dae Woong’s childish jealously, as Dae Woong even went to his office for some dog related consultation just see if Miho is with him.

The Vet VS The Owner

“The Pet-Vet Relationship”
At times, it would seem like Dong Joo’s way of showing affection to Miho is the same as a pet-vet relationship. He cares about her, and would do anything to save her life, even if it involves killing someone else. He wants her to live. He’s protecting her so he would not repeat the same mistake he made a hundred years ago.

“The Pet-Owner Relationship”
Miho follows Dae Woong, obeys him and clings to him. Dae Woong feeds her meat, asks her to stay at one place and even makes her guard their home. Miho is loyal to Dae Woong. Dae Woong takes the role of her caretaker, teaching her how to do human-like activities, brushing her teeth and not eating everything that looks edible included.

Are you in Team Vet or Team Owner?
Their contradicting personalities would make it hard for you to choice who you like best, Miho’s amazing for not being confused. Dae Woong’s outspoken personality, would draw you in. But Dong Joo’s air of mystery can seduce you anytime. In the end, who would Miho choose?

The Hong Sisters have done it again, from “Sassy Girl Chun Hyang” to “You’re Beautiful”, this is another amazing masterpiece made by them. The characters and the actors portraying them fits perfectly. This will surely make you cry and laugh, but above all, you’ll definitely fall in love.

Now the long wait is over, will the Gumiho’s wish to become a human ever be granted?

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is created by SBS. For more information visit the drama’s official website: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/mygumiho/

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