Briggs had been working tirelessly in the sphere-port over the last 30 hours or so on and off. He’s the lead foreman of Ikithas’ newest prototype project that is spearheading the continents energy crisis. With an ever closing window on production, and a constant threat of nearing eves of a triple battle front; the final benchmarking is coming to a crux. His crew of eight, consisting of three scientists, four mechanics, and a lead developing engineer are smack in the middle of conducting final tests on Project: Look Golden.

“Strad I need readouts on those down thrust valves and a readjustment on the compressed injectors to 3.5 degrees.” Briggs instructed.

“On it. Tabs running bios and diags now. High p.s.m of 102, and low end 37.” shouted Strad.

“We need at least a 43 on the l.e”

“Rodge on that. Injectors setting to 3.5. That did it Briggs! That was it aside from the two rear hydro sensors! Man what a cruel hack. Ain’t seen this since the teen model G’s first came out!” retorted Strad.

“Just chill and grab a beer. We got this now, and with any luck we’ll be stable and good to rock in 4 hours.

“That so huh? Well it’s a good thing cause Larsen down at quad 4T’s been squakin all morning.” informed Header; second lead on mechanics. “It ain’t enough we’ve been bustin a gut the last 24 hours, but now we got north side sayin that command needs this hydro asap!”

“We’ve got this bagged, and are ready for twice the assaults. Major Hart has approved use of the last four hydro steam chambers as of 1400 hrs.” commented Pete, the teams developer engineer.

“That’s the best news I’ve heard all day Pete. I’m going to wash up fast and deliver my report to the Major. Guys get this mess in order, okay! Good job! I’ll be right back in a couple hours for the benchmark.” rattled off Briggs as he trounced down the stairwell.

For many years Ikitha had been a ruling protector city of the region and most of the continent of East Landiss. But the Wests radical new ideals for economic stability have been endangering far west world trades. More insurgents have been using updated forms of steamallistic guerrilla assaults. Faced with a new emerging battle front- totaling three; it was imperative that Ikitha finalize their newest source of steam-plasmatical fusion. It was an unheard of rumor, that for decades, spelled an end for the west’s constant occupational threats.

The fusion technology was like no other they had found in the system before, but their civilization had duplicated this energy back on the 2nd dimension. They had the knowledge, but they needed what they had never had before. They needed the krolspar. Living organic plasma that flourished and stabilized in harmony back in dimension 2. But this was a whole new ball game. You don’t balance these hectak particles in a 5th dimensional realm the same way. It took years of research and travel. Only after the most dedicated negotiations and talks with the Krolspar and auroch seers was it possible to bring them to the “new world”. The Krolspar knew that the Ikithaians mean well and are a honest peaceful people. What you have to know is that Krolspar are more than just an energy source, but a civilization all to their own.

Meanwhile, Briggs has gotten home after stopping by the market for dinner. He meets his wife after trudging through the door.

“Hey love. I got the pork and sprouts and whatnot you asked for.”

“Oh just leave them on the table. Muah.” kissing Briggs, his smudged and dirty face in her hands. “How’s the final going? Aren’t you ever gonna get some rest back here? You know Charlotte asks about you all the time. She really misses you.”

Briggs looked down. “I know. I need to wash up fast and get this report to Ma-“

“Just say hi to her at least!” placing the plate on the table smartly. Beth wasn’t keen on the new fusion testing at all. In fact, it frequently infuriated her!

“I’m sorry love. You know I can’t stand that name!” she objected.

“OMG, aren’t we passed this?! You know the top brass was up to this, and it wasn’t his call! Please, I gotta-“

“Are you two doing songs again?” came a small light voice from the kitchen entrance.

Briggs walked over and knelt down and put has hands softly on his daughters arms.

“Boy, I’ve missed you so much Charly. I haven’t seen you in days. Are you being good and listening to Mommy?”

“Yeah Daddy! You know Mommy and I has been waiting all day for you. You said we would go to the park.” she pouted. Charlotte, or Charly as her friends called her; loved the outdoors the most.

“Poppy, you believe it! Daddy’s gotta run these papers down to the office and he’ll be right back for dinner, okay?”


“Would you get washed up already you bum?” chimed Beth.

“Don’t call Daddy a bum!”

Briggs smiled and kissed Charly on the forehead. “Okay, go finish up your classwork Poppy.” as he gave Beth a short hug.

“She’s really missed you Briggs. She still talks about those days sometimes.” Beth turned and started on the sprouts. “Get yourself back here so I can feed you okay?”

Briggs walking upstairs to wash up leaned back;

“I know she does. That’s why I do this hon.”

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