L-Glutamate to Enhance Natural Muscle Growth – Scientific Evidence

If you wish to enhance your body muscle mass, then you must have a solid understanding of how your muscle work, how muscle tissue fiber develops and what supplements may support you in your fitness goals. While the fitness industry is full of various products claiming their ingredients can add serious muscle definition, most of these claims are nothing more than advertising hype.

L-glutamate is classified as a non-essential amino acid, and according to recent research this compound may help support overall muscle development. Talk with your doctor before starting an L-glutamate supplementation routine to ensure its safety.

How Do Your Muscles Grow?

Before getting into the specific about L-glutamate and how this supplement can promote muscle development, it is important to understand how your muscles actually grow.

As you engage in strength training exercises or any other activity that engages and challenges your muscles, the actual muscle fibers undergo trauma. Once injured, satellite cells that surround your muscle fibers are called upon. These cells begin to fuse to one another and then attach to muscle fibers. This bioactivity results in hypertrophy, which stimulates the formation of protein strands among the muscle fibers.

When these new protein strands are developed, it significantly increases not only the number of muscle fibers but also its thickness. This is how your muscles grow larger. The rate at which this growth occurs is based on numerous factors, which include growth hormone concentration, testosterone levels and the number of satellite cells.

L-Glutamate for Muscle Development:

One of the primary uses of L-glutamate is to enhance protein synthesis. According to the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, muscle growth only happens when protein synthesis is greater than muscle protein damage.

Your goal in developing larger muscles is to promote protein synthesis at a higher rate, and since L-glutamate works to support protein synthesis this amino acid supplement naturally promotes expedited muscle growth and development.

Of course, you must regularly engage in strength training and cardiovascular activities to support this muscle growth and development.

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