Lady in Black

Sometimes she stands up and smiles or simply gets near the sailors disembarking and stares at them, one by one. From time to time some of the ship captains shake their heads from side to side indicating that no such luck at the time.

The legend behind her secret and why she wears the same dress day after day, not to mention the pony tail, the make-up and high heels goes as follows:

Some of the sailors talk about her constantly; they say that about forty years ago she was the knock-out of the town.

Her name is Penelope, and she was full of life: with an amazing body, beautiful black, silky hair, and was an amazing dancer. There was no man in town that was not in love with her, or at least had a crush on her.

Then one day, a mercantile ship arrives to the port and in it was a sailor, different from all the others, His name “Fernando”, suave and sophisticated, and knew his way with the ladies.

The place to be at the time was El Copa by the bay. It was an amazing club, live music and always packed to capacity.

She was there, gorgeous, breaking hearts as usual, and then he waltzed in, slowly walking and scouting the whole place. Then he saw her and she saw him, and it was on. They locked eyes and walked towards each other like magnets. They danced all night and never lost sight of each other.

For the following two weeks, they were inseparable. They were seen all over the town, holding hands and sometimes kissing.

Then that day came around, the day that his ship had to depart again and continue on in its trajectory. That night they did not sleep, they just talked and enjoyed the time they had left together.

At sunrise, when the time for him to get on board came, she was glued to him, and could barely let go of his arm. He was sad and heart broken. It must have been love at first site, because she had not been seen so distraught before for anything or anyone.

They went near the ship and right before he had to board, he grabbed the ring from his finger and gave it to her and said,

“Here is a token of my love for you. I will return. I will return for you!” he said, while kissing her hand.

She smiled, a really sad smile, and tears were running down her face. He hugged her; she placed her arms around him and held on really tight. She said “Please come back.”

He then let go of her, smiled at her, and walked away while she stared without moving. She stood there until everyone boarded. The ship finished getting cargo and pulled away from the dock, slowly moved towards the horizon, and disappeared.

Everyday ever since, she has come to the port and sat on that bench waiting for that one, that promise to come back for her. If anyone ever tried to converse with her, they would walk away because she shows off his ring.

It has been forty years since Fernando came to this port. He has never come back; however, she believes he will.

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