Talk in everlasting words and dedicate them all to me,

and I will give you all my life, I’m here if you should call to me,

you think that I don’t even mean a single word I say…

Words- thousands uttered daily,

some nasty and others hastily,

they decide your personality,

while certain things are best left unspoken,

while others could lead to many hearts broken,

words- a privileged few get to express,

dealing with a certain words you’d bet is a stress,

tread carefully with your words, you never know when your first could be your last spoken,

life in this unpredictable world- alive today, gone tomorrow,

words spoken from January- December, last words are all that people will remember,

first impressions are the last impressions, when you’re gone last spoken words are the first that people will remember forever,

always end your conversations with the best & sweetest words, cos that’s all that’ll be etched forever…

it’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away…..

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