LatchKey Kids

In the 1950’s most Montreal mothers stayed home and were homemakers. In today’s world, both parents often have to work just to make ends meet. Working outside of the home creates very real issues when working women have young children at home. There is a lot of stress in choosing the best alternative for these children while their mothers are at work. Should the children be babysat at home, should they go to the babysitter’s home, or should they be put in daycare? Some children need some kind of after school program and some children known as latchkey children are old enough to go home by themselves after school and wait for their mother to come home.

All these choices can be stressful on Montreal parents who must decide what is within their budget, and what is in the best interest of their children. Choosing to leave your children alone without supervisor is never an easy choice. Montreal parents worry about the trouble some children can get into, while others want to know the legal stipulation regarding the age the children must be before they can be left alone for any length of time.

Unfortunately, in the USA and Canada there is really no legal age to determine when children can be left alone. The reason for this is that each child psychologically matures at a different time. Some 8-year-olds are more emotionally mature than some 14-year-olds and so on. What it boils down to is the assessment of the maturity of each child.

Note: However, generally speaking, most community groups accept the premise that a 10 year old is old enough to be left on his or her own for a short period.

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