Launch into Top Gardening Ideas

Try some new things in organic gardening this year. Continue to do the methods that have worked in your region, climate and individual garden in the past. Also, add some new methods of growing your own organic food. Not all of your experiments will succeed, but some will and this will encourage more new methods toward success.

Snail Control

Are there problems in the garden with some or all the crop being lost? One of the prime reasons for tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, chard and many others not to survive is snails. This year, try an environmentally safe product that gets rid of snails. Snails are a real problem in organic gardening and once they are gone the harvest will be far more abundant.

Nutrient Rich Organic Fertilizer

Many times, the reason the garden yield is not high is due to poor quality soil and lack of plant feeding. If the soil is nurtured with composting, this will generally not occur. But if it does, then a nutrient rich organic fertilizer will be very helpful. Select one that is all natural and the garden will not be stressed and will yield far more fruit and vegetables.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a very important concept in organic gardening. In fact, the purpose of it is to apply water directly to the roots of plants. It saves time overall. It may be a good idea to buy a commercially available drip irrigation kit. These work well and they are low in cost.

Food Dehydrator

If organic gardening efforts are yielding too much on the other hand, it may be wise to get a food dehydrator. This is a system of preserving organic food so that it may be eaten later. In essence, the food dehydrator turns organic food into dried snacks for later. This is thrifty as it prevents spoilage. In a matter of hours, a great deal of organic food may be dried and saved for later. It is far better to have one of these than to watch the fruits of garden labor spoiling.

These are some new concepts to try in organic gardening this year. It is easier to get the best of organic gardening and make the most of organic food with these concepts and devices. Give them a try and see an improvement in efficiency and productivity of organic gardening efforts.


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