Law Enforcement Misconduct, Evil in Uniform

One of the things we fear most is to encounter a bad cop or police officer that has compromised his or her oath to benefit themselves in the role of a public servant and trustworthy person. This fear is compounded when we teach our children to go find a police officer when they need help or are in danger. The facts are becoming more revealing today that there is a growing problem inside the law enforcement ranks that has the characteristics of corrupt and abuse towards the very same people they have sworn to protect and serve. Looking at the Police Misconduct Stat Report (NPMSRP) for the information related to this subject, you would be appalled at the results of such revelation that there is a much bigger problem than one might have thought. Except for those high profile cases published in national newspapers there is little light shed on the statistical data provided to the public for awareness or reporting purposes.

This NPMSRP report revealed that “of the 6,613 law enforcement officers involved in reported allegations of misconduct that met NPMSRP criteria for tracking purposes, 1,575 were involved in excessive force reports, which were the most prominent type of report at 23.8% of all reports. This translates into almost 1 out of every 4 cops you see or meet, 1 is likely to use excessive force on the job. This was followed by sexual misconduct complaints at 9.3% of officers reported then theft/fraud/robbery allegations involving 7.2% of all officers reported.” There are many more categories that must be illustrated for the purpose educating people on the misconduct of law enforcement and they are provided for your review to determine how much of the law enforcement community is involved in committing crimes against the public they promised to serve.

Statistically speaking, there are a wide range of misconduct recorded that reveal: Sexual misconduct 9.3 % – Fraud theft 7.2 % – False arrest 6.8 % – Accountablity issues 5.8 % – Drugs 5.0 % – Color of Law 4.8 % – Domestic Violence 4.7 % – and many more that paints a growing profile of mistrust and undependability of cops doing their jobs. Agencies are struggling with this problem as the need for more cops demands has increased and are looking at their hiring practices to see if there are solutions within to reduce the number of bad cops within their ranks.


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