Learn About the Energy Shift and What This Means for You!

People are talking about the energy shift around the globe. You hear about it but do you understand it? Hopefully you do, however if you feel reluctant to answer this question, I am more than happy to step to the plate and explain this to you. The energy shift is the happening because of the population increases. It is causing the increase of energy to flow more rapidly all the time. If you look back in time you will soon recall how life used to be at a much slower pace and as time evolved it is now moving ever so rapidly. Time is flying by and not many are understanding the concept of this increasing, inevitable air stream current. The world has a capacity of ten billion people and we are now standing on the eve of seven. People are like capacitors, storing energy in their bodies, breathing in the magical energy or air which flows to and even through them with ease. The air is a pure positive energy stream which keeps this world ticking.

As we breathe air and have emotional responses we can actually change the air to positive energy or negative energy, depending on what response we are having at the time, as we move through this reality. Either way, each one of us are contributing to the air stream’s current. In the days ahead we are going to be experiencing more of an increase and their is one thing that will help you through this transition and this is to be as positive as you can. When people are resisting by being negative, they are actually causing themselves to pinch off the very life source they need to stay alive. How? For one thing, when people are negative their pores close, thus causing the energy of the air outside of their bodies to be shut off or down. This is how people start breathing differently and become ill. Not understanding adequate air is needed for the body and the way the body is designed for maximum great health is one of the major culprits for illness. However if people are educated at this time and from the standpoint of understanding this energy shift, many people will not be risking their health. They will take the precautions needed and be more aware of what negative thinking can do to them. When people are positive, their pores automatically open up, allowing the energy of air into their bodies with ease.

The current of the stream will cause this to be harder on our bodies as time goes by. In other words, what gives you a headache today, for being stressed out, will give you an ulcer, two years from now. Understanding who you are in spirit and this energy stream is the bottom line for this article and who you are is a spirit of love and light energy. You are an infinite, spiritual being and knowing to shun all things, people and events that lead to negative thinking is a shortcut to attracting great things in your life. You are here to live a wonderful and joyous life and this information will help you make it through the days to come.

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