Leaving You

I’m leaving you I’m leaving today
For tomorrow I’ll be a mistake
You’ll be beauty and me the beast
And you won’t want to be with me
What in the dark we thought was real?
In the light will disappear
But I’ll be me and know the truth
That I am, in love with you

I’m leaving you while I believe
You are everything I see
You’re innocent but so guilty
A good girl but so naughty
An angel I see lying there
Who’ll go with me to darkest Hell?
Before you tell me what to do
Ask me to stop loving you

I’m leaving you while I’m still smart
Before you get to break my heart
You would never, haven’t yet
Her, her, and her oh yes
Not a prophet but know my fate
The fear obsessed, the tears, the hate
I’ll tell you that I love you
You will never love me too

I’m leaving you for love’s mistake
Before forgetting before I hate
For I will hate and still have lust
Naughty things like whore and slut
And days will pass such is the time
You will not be on my mind
A memory, a dream, or two
I’ll be back in love with you

I’m leaving you before you know
What I am and you will go
The nicest guy some try to guess
A monster with my evilness
Sex obsessed and lust to sate
Horrific worlds I do create
But what I am, my love is true
You won’t love me; I’m leaving you

Copyright © 2009, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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