Legal Custody Vs. Custodial Custody

Legal custody vs. custodial parent

A father and mother have many variations in custody concerning children. Are you a parent currently in a custody battle? The outcome of such a case is never easy. The final verdict can go either way for both parents.

As a parent, you must be prepared with what the outcome could be and how it will affect your children. It is always best to settle this type of matter out of court. But that isn’t always possible. Parents who do not agree on this matter will have to duel it out in court.

Here are two custody terms you need to be aware of. There are more terms to be concerned about, but these are just a starting point. It is best to learn everything you can in the legal field and custody issues. It is also best to learn about your state’s laws.

Legal custody –

Legal custody gives the parent the right to make all the decisions concerning medical, health and education. The child doesn’t necessary have to live with the parent who has legal custody. A parent who has this type of custody is the one who makes all the decisions in the child’s life. The other parent cannot make these choices.

Custodial custody –

The idea of a parent having custodial custody isn’t hard to understand. It is the parent who has physical custody of the child. This means the child usually lives with the parent. The custodial parent provides the child with a safe place to call home.

Custody involving a child is a touchy subject for all involved, and children are often caught up in the middle of the battle. Custody isn’t something to play around with. The child should not have to endure a tug of war. It isn’t fair to play with their emotions in such a fashion. Too many children are hurt by their parents in a custody battle.

An attorney can give you legal advice as to what everything means during a custody battle. The legal world isn’t easy to to understand. The attorney will be there to help you through the process. You should always put your feelings aside and decide what is best for the children involved, and not yourself. Parenthood is never easy. It doesn’t come with instructions. Mistakes will be made. The child or children should be number one and thought of first.

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