Less Stress Means More Beautiful Skin

No matter how much everyone tries to brush off the stress that comes their way, it’s hard to do sometimes. Surprisingly, research shows that stress may cause skin problems. With that discovery, finding ways to combat stress really does come at the forefront.

Not only will less anxiety make skin look better, but more than likely, it will do wonders for the whole body inside and out. Ongoing stress can also zap the immune system, too.

Although some skin care professionals may disagree as to what types of skin conditions result from stress, many agree on the following:

Acne Blisters Cold Sores Eczema Rosacea Premature aging Psoriasis

Stress causes the above skin conditions to worsen if one is already challenged with them. For example, those with eczema can have it all over the face, but most, tend to have it around their jaw line and ears. When someone with eczema gets stressed out, it becomes itchy, flares up, and turns into a rash.

The same holds true for acne sufferers, too. Toss stress into the daily mix and breakouts will follow.

Many need a gentle reminder that the skin is the largest organ of the body. Despite its size, it’s not inoculated to stress.

When life is filled with too much to do and too little time to do it, people might begin to put certain tasks on the chopping block. Don’t do this with your skincare routine. Stay on track with those morning and evening regimens.

It’s also really important to drink water and stay hydrated. If possible, keep track of it.

Another thing to do is to find out what activity can decompress that stress. For example, exercise can lower worry and rejuvenate skin. Please remember if there is facial perspiration to wash it off as soon as possible.

And exercise doesn’t have to be intense, either. It can be a casual stroll. Just get out and enjoy the fresh air and the sights.

Here are some other stress management ideas:

Breathing exercises Meditation Tai Chi Visualization Yoga

It’s so important to take some quiet time out of the day to focus on the body, mind and soul. If time is limited and the above stress management ideas are unreachable for now, a simple hot bath, a magazine read or a nap will do. And speaking of napping, try and get a full night’s rest for more glowing skin.

Since stress and skin have a common link, keep those tension levels low to keep that skin looking gorgeous.

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