Let Them Eat…Ice Cream?

Ironically, it happened just a few days after a Republican controlled House declared tomato paste a vegetable (fruit people, it’s a fruit). I was pursuing my Facebook and I saw a post from an ultra-liberal buddy of mine. It seems that her son was buying everyone ice cream using his lunch account. Before you start with the “oohs” and “awws”, hear me out. As I watched the commentators sound off about how “loving and giving” her son was, I couldn’t help but hold back a heavy sigh complete with an eye roll, (did I mention I’m a conservative?) but it had nothing to do with the act.


The act was not the issue. Conservative I may be, but heartless I am not. I will be the first one to take in a stray animal from the cold, give a homeless person a cheeseburger or volunteer my time in a soup kitchen. I will not however, condone my child buying ice cream for a bunch of other kids. Why? First, because it isn’t healthy. Second, because if you offer the average 6-year-old broccoli or ice cream, he will choose ice cream each time.

Who’s to Blame?

I was appalled that Texas elementary schools (who banned soda by the way) would make ice cream a lunch menu option. It appears as if we have a glaring double standard on our hands.

Kids will be kids. I don’t blame the boy. Undoubtedly, I believe her son’s heart was in the right place. I don’t believe he had nefarious intentions to make his friends obese or cause massive increases to their dental bills. He was being a kid. Ice cream equals popularity, therefore he buys ice cream. I get it.

However, the menu option brought about a question I believe all parents should begin to ponder. Do you really know what your kids are eating for lunch?

My Meal Time, Versus My Meals

In Texas, we have a groovy system called My Meal Time. It allows us parents to log on and see what our kids ordered, when they ordered it and what it costs. Being a self-professed control freak, I always knew what my kids were eating when opting for hot lunch. Although, that wouldn’t account for some else’s “generosity” thanks to decisions a bureaucracy makes when it comes to lunchtime offerings.

With childhood obesity spiraling out of control, and parents doing their best to select healthy groceries and menu options, we need to know what’s on the menu at our schools, and we need to have a say in it. In my case, my kids pack their lunch. But that’s only because I know what’s for lunch as an alternative.

Who’s the parent here, us or a bureaucracy?

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