Let’s Motivate Our Politicians to Reduce Our Deficit

What motivates our politicians?

Our elected representatives are motivated to tell us that they want to reduce spending because that is what helps them get reelected. If they cut any plan that gives money to citizens then those people getting the handout will get active and try and put in a different person who will give them more. So if I’m in office and I want to remain in office then I will tell you I’m against the deficit and debt while creating more of it to stay in office.

So how can we get them motivated to really deal with our spending problem?

Well let’s treat them like a sales force. We want them to reduce the deficit and remove the national debt. So we will put them on a performance based payroll plan. Your new base pay will be matched to the national average. If you want a raise then improve the economy and get everyone a raise. The census bureau says the average US income in 2009 was $50,000.

Next we will remove all retirement and healthcare after they leave office until the debt they have created has been removed from our nation. Is the country still in debt? Then you don’t get to take any tax dollar with you. We also need to transfer them to the healthcare plan they created. Why should they get better care then the people they represent?

Don’t let the IRS bend you over and the TSA agent give you a prostate exam!

No man is above the law and people who make laws should be the shinning example on how to obey them. As long as we are in debt and they want to raise taxes, I say let the politicians raise their personal tax limit first. Remove all tax deductions from elected officials and let them choose what they want the upper level income earners to pay. I want them to lead by example. If President Obama wants the wealthy to pay 50%, I suggest he leads the way and show us how it’s done. At least I will beleive the President when he says he doesn’t think they pay enough in taxes, because his rate will increase by the end of that speech.

Another way we can motivate them is by removing government planes for politicians and allow them to fly coach with the average citizen. We will save a ton of money by removing presidential travel and our elected officials use of private jets. Their voting record might change if they get sandwiched between two angry voters on a long flight from Washington to Los Angeles.

As long as they are flying with us voters, I would feel a lot better about airport security if I noticed them standing in line with their shoes in hand and some TSA agent’s hand administering the latest medical exam. They might want to change the rules if their back scatter image showed up on the internet.

So if they want to live a better life then the people they represent, they must first be responsible with our money, then we can discuss a raise.

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