Letters on Parade

Every year kids look forward to Trick or Treat. They take time to decide what they are going to dress up as and maybe even change their mind a time or two. Then “Trick or Treat” day comes and they get to go from house to house collecting candy. For a kid, what could be better!

Halloween does not have to be scary. Why not give Trick or Treat a learning twist?

You will need the following supplies:

Paper bag for each child Art Supplies Variety of trinkets and items that can be glued to the costume

What you will need to do to prepare for this activity:
Cut arm holes and head hole in each bag. Depending an ability levels of the children, write a letter on each bag.

Bring on the kids:
Give each child a bag costume. Write a letter on the bag, if this is not already done. Decorate the costume with pictures of things that start with that letter.
Examples: B – Buttons, Birds, Batons C – Cats, Crayons, Colors H – Half, House, Halloween

What else can you do with the costumes?

Create the costumes a day or two before you celebrate Halloween. This gives time for any glue or paint to dry. Have the children put on their costumes and go an a letter parade through the school. With a little planning you can get the whole school involved. Children could even go Trick or Treating for letter based items (B – Badges, C – Crayons, G – Goldfish).

We love learning that is hidden in play. Teachable moments can be found all around us. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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